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Armpit Stains

Last year we were proud to be featured in Men’s Health magazine in an article about how effective Sweatshield Undershirts are as a way to stop armpit stains in a piece called “how to prevent an armpit stain”. It was great to get this recognition from such a well-known magazine and it was an interesting [...]

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Cool New Sweat Shields You Tube Video

We had this cool little video made that I wanted to share. We will hope to post videos more regularly now to better explain what we do at Sweat Shield Undershirts and how we can help you to stop sweat marks and stay cool. I hope you enjoy the quirky little video! All the very best Tim Shaw

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Sweatshield Undershirts 2013

First of all a big warm New Year welcome to everyone from the team at Sweatshield Undershirts!Last year was a huge year for us and we were so busy filling orders and improving our undershirts that we just didn’t have time to stay up to date providing news through our blog.This year as our business [...]

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Sweat Pads

Although only 3% of the population suffer from severe bouts of sweating, the majority of people perspire when the humidity and heat of the summer finally arrives. How many of you have woken up on a humid morning, taken a nice relaxing shower, sprayed on some antiperspirant and traveled to work only to find that [...]

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