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Men's Sweat Proof Boxer Shorts

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Have a Happy Bottom.

Sweatshield Undershirts realized that it's not just about the tops: sweat in your groin, thighs, and butt can be just as challenging to deal with. We've worked hard to build an amazing pair of sweat proof boxers. 

Our sweat proof boxers are designed to protect from excessive sweating in the thigh, groin and buttocks. They are made with a special sweat shield built into the rear of the shorts which is guaranteed to stop sweat marks for even the heaviest of sweaters, including those who suffer from hyperhidrosis or compensatory sweating resulting from surgery. 

  • Luxurious micro modal fabric, which is 50% more absorbent than cotton, means that you're both comfortable and protected. It's thin and soft for comfort, but you'll know that our shield is there.

  • Keep-cool technology provides comfortable temperature control all day with lightweight, breathable material that still keeps moisture controlled. No sweaty cotton!

  • Ultra-comfortable stretch-fit styling so that your pants or shorts don’t get a ruffled look and they glide over the surface of your boxer shorts rather than moving with them. They're long enough to provide full-thigh protection.

  • Discreet sweat shield design so you are comfortable changing at the gym, the golf course, or wherever you might be.
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 17 reviews
    Frank Hall (Harrow, GB)
    Men's Sweat Proof Boxer Shorts.

    What a fantastic product so happy I bought 5 of them

    R.V. (Brighton, GB)

    Does exactly what it needs to do extremely well, my only complaint is why the need for them to come so far down to the knees? I'd prefer if they were cut just a little higher like normal boxes.

    Mrs.R (Peterborough, GB)
    No more sweaty bum patch!

    Bought for my teenage son whose gets a sweaty bum from exercise at the gym and skateboarding, which gives him an embarrassing damp patch on the seat of his trousers. He loves them. He tells me they're comfortable to exercise in and they stop the sweat patch so he's happpier and more confident. Not inexpensive but worth the price if this problem restricts what you do.

    Matthew McEwan
    It does what it does exceptionally well. But what it does isn't as good as what it could do.

    First off, I have one of the v-neck undershirts which has served me very well and I thought I'd try the boxers too. My primary aim for this product was to stop the wearing thin, and eventual break down + fraying of the groin area in my trousers/jeans. I figured spending more on better quality underwear would do me good and also work out cheaper in the long run than constantly going to the tailor to sew in an extra layer around the groin seam of my trousers. A layer which only slows down the destruction, not prevent it.

    Here, with this product, I had hoped I found my answer. And I do, in a way. This product does an exceptionally good job where the pads are placed. And it even does a decent job where they aren't placed because it has a double layer where I need it (groin). However, I've tested my pair extensively and my clothes are still experiencing the degrading effects of excessive sweating and I still have to replace them - though less regularly.

    I'm giving these boxers quite a harsh review with only 2 stars. This isn't so much out of poor product execution, than it is out of suboptimal design. I rarely review anything, whether I love a product or hate it. But I am being harsh here because the product has so much potential and if only they added the same padding they have on the rear to the groin area too then this product would be 5/5 and I'd order 20 packs tomorrow and never buy another pair of boxers in my life. That is how good this product *could* be!

    Only 2 stars because I want them to go back to the drawing board and get those pads in the groin area too! I feel 2 stars, though harsh, is warranted because there may be plenty of customers for whom the rear pads solve their issues. But I know from other HH sufferers I've spoken to that you have many more would-be customers waiting in the wings ready to pounce forth if your boxers maximised their design potential.

    These are £25. Make it £30 or heck, even £35 with pads in the groin area and I'll buy them in bulk.


    Buy if - you sweat mostly from your rear and not your groin so much.

    Don't buy if - you really need the groin padding because that is where your clothes wear thin and break down. It isn't worth the extra money over cheap Primark boxers and simply replacing clothes when they eventually go.

    Stephen Lee

    Men's Sweat Proof Boxer Shorts


    Really good for getting rid of those embarrassing marks. Struggled to find anywhere else selling these for much cheaper, they just seem to be expensive across the board unfortunately.

    Norma Duncan
    Boxer shorts

    Fabulous. Best buy ever üòÅ

    Excellent Value

    Works as stated, eliminates sweat marks and stains

    Thor Refoy

    Men's Sweat Proof Boxer Shorts

    Marin B
    So much better than Eji's

    I tried the Eji's boxers last year and they fit funny. I couldn't get comfortable in them. These just work better - they keep me drier and they're perfect for sweating in my... rear area. Really happy to have these.

    Thank you, Marin! Our boxers are meant to fit comfortably and keep you dry every day in your groin, buttocks, and other unmentionables.

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    Men's Sweat Proof Boxer Shorts