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Prevent Excessive Sweating for a Worry-free Graduation Day

The day of your graduation rites is the day your education is considered officially complete. After all the studying and research you've done, all the papers written, and all the examinations taken, you have been evaluated and assessed — and you emerged successful. Now, you are ready to put your knowledge and skills to good use in the real [...]

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Don’t Let Nervous Sweating Stop Your Big Presentation Success

Going up the stage and making a speech in front of a crowd is no mean feat. Only a few people have the natural flair for it. And even if they do, it still takes an outstanding amount of practice and preparation to really impress a live audience, regardless of their size or standing. No wonder nervous sweating is [...]

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Why Do We Get Armpit Sweat Marks & Ways to Stop Them

Why Do We Get Armpit Sweat Marks & Ways to Stop ThemSweat marks can be a real problem for sufferers of excessive sweating and even worse for those of us with Hyperhidrosis. Even a small underarm stain can be really embarrassing especially if a would be suitor, co-worker or boss sees them.Read our guide to underarm sweat marks and [...]

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Excessive Sweating? You're Not Alone

Alex Rodriguez -- New York Yankees’ third baseman -- once said, “Enjoy your sweat because hard work doesn't guarantee success, but without it you don't have a chance.” Yet for those suffering from excess perspiration, there’s nothing enjoyable about it. So, why do people sweat? Perspiration is the body’s natural way of keeping cool. People are [...]

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