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Men's Sweat Proof Undershirt (V-Neck)

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The Original, and Still Our Best Seller.

Sweatshield Undershirts started with the classic V-Neck undershirt, and we're still making them more than 10 years later.

Our V-Neck undershirt with an impenetrable sweat-proof barrier in the underarm is the best shirt in the world for keeping sweat from showing through to your dress shirt, your polo, or your casual wear, whether you're making a presentation, going on a date, or just spending time with your family. Our technology stops sweat marks and keeps you cool, comfortable, and confident the entire day. These look and feel like a premium brand, and you can wear them knowing that you'll feel and look dry all day.

  • Luxurious micro modal fabric, which is 50% more absorbent than cotton, ensures that perspiration doesn't end up as sweat marks. This works on the entire shirt, not just the underarms.

  • Keep-cool technology provides comfortable temperature control all day with lightweight, breathable material that still keeps moisture controlled. No sweaty cotton!

  • No deodorant stains or sweat stains means that your outer shirts last longer. You'll save money on and stop stressing about the shirts you show the world.

  • Classic V-Neck styling for use with polo shirts, t-shirts, casual shirts and business shirts when you want to wear them unbuttoned. Prefer Crew Neck? See our Crew Neck shirt

  • Tailored, stay-tucked styling keeps the shirts laying flat and the neck looking crisp, avoids bunching, and is tagless.
  • Product Reviews

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 167 reviews
    Giles Morecroft (Manchester, GB)

    Comfortable and they actually work

    shamsul kibria (Billericay, GB)
    Sweat proof undershirt

    I can say I was looking for something like that for a very long time, and soon as I got it, I couldn't wait to try it out and that was amazing. I am really happy and looking forward to buy more. Thank you guys.

    S Moulder (Chipping Norton, GB)
    Arrives quickly and works as it should.

    The order was processed and delivered quickly. The undershirts stop embarrassing sweat patches and are easy to wash. Comfortable material too.

    Sam Goss (Bromley, GB)

    Wish I had found this 20 years ago.
    I now have confidence I won’t have horrible sweat marks.

    N Brown (Yalding, GB)

    Bought for a self conscious teenage boy - they work a dream. Thank-you

    Lorenzo Giaquinto (Brescia, IT)
    Still stuck in Customs

    I know the product well, how good It Is, but after 21 days the item Is still stuck in Customs, i guess due to brexit new policy. All that affects the shipping process very badly. Thats a shame because before brexit the shipping was very fast.
    If you can do something about it i'll appreciate.
    Anyway i keep waiting.

    Gary Edwards (Liverpool, GB)
    A good product but.....

    Had read about this product sometime ago and decided to give them a go. As I’m all for deodorant but not keen on antiperspirants(read the ingredients!) Ordered two V neck and three crew and took advantage of the generous discount. The sizing is good with plenty of stretch for movement, quality is very obvious with good stitching throughout. Neat necklines on both types but the real proof in their ability to stop the transferor sweat is in the wearing.. they are extremely comfortable although the area under and around the armpit it quite substantial and feels a little bulky initially but does the job very well. The material is thin without being see through and the white is a very white which is great! I tried wearing under both a T-shirt and shirt and they are more comfortable under the latter. I was amazed how much fluid they held without a leak. Ironically in hot weather they tended to make me even hotter which only challenged the ability to hold back the sweat further but still stood fast. Conclusion, better under a shirt than T-shirt and in cooler weather and a well made and amazing odour resilience. I can now wear my favorite shirts again with confidence plus added protection for wearer and garment. Worth the investment.

    Lesley Potter (London, GB)

    Men's Sweat Proof Undershirt (V-Neck)

    stuart webster (Soham, GB)
    great product so I bought another

    Started a new job all indoors which has some manual tasks. The uniform is a normal blue cotton t-shirt which easily shows sweat under the arms. Always worn cotton white shirts before so never an issue or been outside in the breeze which even on hot days keeps you dry. Started to use sports tops underneath but mindful these wick sweat away from the body into the fabric so can start to hold body odour after a short while. Tried ordinary cotton light cotton t-shirt underneath as a barrier but this only delayed the sweat patches. Bought these vey sceptical but can honestly say I’ve had no issues even on the very recent hot days (25 Celsius). They do take a little time to dry between uses / washes so found using the next day difficult so because it was so good I bought another. Highly recommend

    Eddie Nosek (Trowbridge, GB)
    Happy Father of the bride

    I wore your product on the day of my daughters wedding and it worked like a dream, no patches, no worries, so I was super confident speaking with people and giving that all important speech. If there was a sixth star I would give it that. I would highly recommend this product.

    Men's Shirts Size Chart (inches)

    Sizes: S M L XL
    Chest 34-36 38-40 42-44 46-48
    Length 28" 29" 30" 31"

    Choose V Neck for use with polo shirts, t-shirts, casual shirts and business shirts when you want to wear them open collared (unbuttoned).

    Choose Crew Neck for a sharp undershirt neckline with an open collared shirt. If wearing a buttoned up collar with a tie then crew neck will make the undershirt neckline less visible.

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    Hip 33¾ 35½ 37½ 39½

    Men's Sweat Proof Undershirt (V-Neck)