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​Prevent Excessive Sweating for a Worry-free Graduation Day

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The day of your graduation rites is the day your education is considered officially complete. After all the studying and research you've done, all the papers written, and all the examinations taken, you have been evaluated and assessed — and you emerged successful. Now, you are ready to put your knowledge and skills to good use in the real world.

But first things first. On your graduation day, you'll be walking up to the stage to receive your diploma and shake hands with your principal. Every student will be well dressed, and so will their family members and close friends. All eyes will be on the graduates, and even now — a few days before the big event — you're sweating buckets just thinking about it.

Do you perspire more when you're nervous?

To some people, seemingly normal situations can make them feel a considerably higher level of anxiety. When you need to make a speech or presentation before a group of people, or when you're trying to make a decision and there's some pressure to get it done quickly, or when you're not as at ease with the company of a particular individual or group, for example, you may feel more nervous than usual — and this can cause you to sweat more.

A sweaty dilemma

In some cases, sweating excessively doesn't have to be a cause for concern. If you can head home or to a more casual or private environment after the stressful situation, you can simply change out of your sweaty clothes, relax, and regain your composure and comfort.

But what if you'll be out all day — like on your graduation day? If the ceremony will be held outdoors, you might feel discomfort from enduring the warm weather for a prolonged period. You may be inwardly worrying about how you look and whether you’re moving correctly onstage. You could be anxious about stammering or forgetting the words during your speech. For some, simply being surrounded by people and having to mingle with everyone can be unnerving.

And when you begin to perspire, you'll be worrying about the sweat being visible on your clothes — which is not something you want to happen to you when everyone expects you to be confident, to smile and to look perfect the whole time because everyone is constantly taking pictures.

Your clothes save the day

Fortunately, there are clothes that can solve this problem for you — like a sweat-proof undershirt. Compared to moisture-wicking undershirts that pull moisture away from the body and inner garment and onto the outer garment (where it will become visible), sweat-proof undershirts absorb the moisture, neutralise any odours, and prevent the sweat from reaching your outer garments.

What's more, these undershirts are designed to be lightweight and breathable, which means you are kept cool and comfortable — so it can also prevent excessive sweating.

Your graduation day is your time to shine. Choose to wear sweat-proof undershirts under your clothing so you can be comfortable, confident and camera-ready on this very special event.

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