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Women's Sweat Proof Undershirts

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First things first and let’s get this straight: Men sweat and women perspire!

Either way you look at it though excessive sweating can be just as an embarrassing issue for women as it is for men. Having said that though it is an issue that statistically is more likely to effect men than women and especially when it comes to underarm excessive sweating (clinically known as axillary hyperhidrosis).

As a side note, men can thank women for comfortable undershirts as many of today’s undershirts for men are made using micro modal fabric which was first used in women’s underwear and clothing. It’s easy to see why this incredibly soft and luxurious fabric is quickly gaining popularity over other coarser fabrics such as regular cotton.

At Sweatshield Undershirts we are finding that women’s sweat proof undershirts are becoming more and more popular each year. With their increased popularity, designs and fabrics are changing to better suit womens needs when it comes to undershirts.

women's sweat proof undershirt

Women’s sweat proof undershirts are now available with additional underarm protection in the same way that men’s undershirts are. They have been designed with women in mind and have deep plunging scoop necks and shorter sleeve lengths whilst still allowing for adequate sweat protection. They also now come in both long length to stay tucked in (and also great when layered) or shorter length so they are not visible with low riding trousers or skirts.

From our side, we think this growth in women’s undershirts has come about with the realisation that adhesive sweat pads are not adequate for excessive sweating and that even heavy duty clinical strength deodorants will not stop sweating issues like those found with hyperhidrosis.

It always made sense to me that both women and men who work in the service industry would benefit from wearing light weight breathable undershirts and it was interesting to read recently that Air Asia have incorporated shape fitting women’s undershirts into their new uniforms. These apparently help with posture and muscle support during flights.

Women’s sweat proof underwear is available in a few places nowadays and of course they are available right here on this site at Sweatshield Undershirts!

The Team at Sweatshield Undershirts