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No More Under Arm Sweat Stains

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I love my Sweatshield Undershirts and I wear them every day but there are times when you just want to feel free and easy like when you go the beach or park with the kids. You know it’s a hot day and you know you will sweat plenty but today you don’t care how bad your sweat marks are you just want to wear a t shirt or polo shirt all on its own.

underarm sweat stains

Rewind 5 years to before I had designed and started wearing my undershirts and what I found was that every t shirt, polo shirt or shirt I had would get a massive heavy build-up of white deposits in the underarm. This would ruin every shirt and give it a life span of only a few months. At that time I didn’t really understand why I was sweating so much under the arms (my Hyperhidrosis only started when I was around 34) and for many years I thought I just wasn’t using the right deodorant or not enough deodorant.

So I just figured more deodorant or stronger deodorant would fix the problem. It never did solve the problem but never the less I would always use way too much of it. Of course now I wear a sweat t shirt every day I no longer have those cruddy underarm build ups and my clothes last years longer but what would happen if I go back to my old ways and didn’t wear Sweat shield undershirts?

What I decided to do was to run an experiment where I never wear my sweat shields on the weekend and then see what would happen to my t shirts and polo shirts in terms of underarm staining. I selected the same t shirts and polo shirts to wear every week end so I could monitor the situation. My hypothesis was that it was the deodorant itself that was causing the horrible cruddy white underarm stains and not my actual sweat.

So what I did is take a shower and then spray on deodorant and then wipe off the deodorant with a towel. In this way I still get the nice deodorant smell but the actual deodorant itself is all wiped away. For me this doesn’t matter because I know I will sweat just the same with or without the deodorant.

After 6 months now of experimentation the result has been, without any refute, that I can wear t shirts without any cruddy white build up appearing (although i do still get the sweat marks of course!!). Now bear in mind that previously if I did this when wearing deodorant then the shirts would be ruined with 6 months.

So I feel safe to say conclusively that if you are getting nasty white or yellow underarm staining in your shirts then it is the deodorant itself that is causing it with your sweat acting as the medium for carrying the deodorant to the shirt. Someone that doesn’t sweat so excessively won’t have this problem because there is no sweat transferring the deodorant into the fabric.