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Sweat Proof Shirts, Which Ones Work Best?

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If you sweat heavily then you know how embarrassing it can be to have those big sweat marks that never seem to dry out and stay all day. One solution to the problem is a sweat proof shirt and there are a few options out there in the marketplace.

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Smart Weave

One of the best sweat proof shirts we have tried is the UK made shirts called Smart Weave. These are made from a special fabric designed by 2 UK university students several years ago and that has since been funded by several investors. The fabric was specially designed to be sweat proof and the technology is patented.

These shirts work by channelling sweat through the fabric and dispersing it over a larger surface area so that it more easily evaporates. The technology is really very clever and is quite an amazing advancement in textile technology and you have to admire the ingenuity. And the proof is in the results because they really do work. We have found that they do reduce sweat marks in all areas including the back, torso and underarms.

The shirts are quite expensive but they are definitely worth trying out and do what they claim to do. They may show some minor sweat marks on the back if you have excessive sweating there and put pressure on that area when you lean back in your chair or wear a back pack for example and also in the underarm they may show some signs of moisture by the end of the day but these are just light signs of moisture, not big nasty sweat marks.

One thing to be aware of is that you should not use fabric softener when washing these shirts as they will lose their sweat proof effect. I assume this is because the softener could potentially “block” the sweat channelling design of the fabric.

Mizzen and Main

These are not truly sweat proof shirts and are probably best described as sweat resistant or even performance fabric shirts.

The fabric has a very synthetic feel to it and is unlike any other fabric we have seen. It is not soft like cotton and takes some getting used to as it is almost polyester like in terms of comfort. The main draw card for these shirts is that they are completely wrinkle free and do not need ironing even after being crumpled up into a ball and thrown in your suitcase or travel bag. And there is no doubt that they meet that claim exceptionally well.

As a non-iron travel shirt, they work brilliantly but as a sweat proof shirt they are only partially effective. They do absorb and disguise sweat marks to some extent but due to the fabric itself it tends to get damp and cling to your skin if you are a very heavy or excessive sweater. Also, due to the nature of the fabric they do not work so well with an undershirt as the fabric tends to stick to your undershirt making the combination a little bit uncomfortable.

These shirts will work well for travel and if you are a light sweater but for people that sweat excessively or suffer from hyperhidrosis then these may not be an adequate solution.

Ministry of Supply

As sweat proof shirts go these can be categorised in much the same way as Mizzen and Main. These shirts are also non-iron, wrinkle free shirts but in terms of eliminating sweat marks they are not completely effective.

This company has been around for several years now and have enjoyed great success and have expanded into all men’s and women’s clothing lines. Their clothing is best described as performance clothing rather than sweat proof clothing.

The shirts do have excellent breathability and this does contribute to sweat dissipating more easily from the fabric. But again, this functionality is best suited to moderate or occasional sweating and much like Mizzen and Main shirts they do not work completely effectively for the very heavy sweater.


This is a Spanish company that makes an unusual kind of sweat proof shirt. There is no technological advancement here and seemingly no specialized fabrics. This is simply a double layered shirt with a rather heavy internal layer and a rather heavy external layer. The combined layers make for an incredibly thick shirt that is almost thicker than a pullover.

These shirts seem quite impractical given the overall thickness and heaviness of the combined layers. They do work in stopping sweat but there is a point where the lack of practicality outweighs the benefits. It is quite uncomfortable to wear such a heavy shirt in hot weather and the thickness of the fabric makes the shirt uncomfortable to tuck in to your trousers. Also the double layer of fabric gives quite an unflattering look and can make you appear to be heavier then you really are.

The shirts are quite expensive and so is the international shipping fees probably due to the weight. Whilst they do work we would suggest to consider other options that are more practical.

Other Sweat Proof Shirts

Those are the sweat proof shirts that we are aware of. Have we missed any? Please let us know your experiences with any of the above shirts or let us know if we have missed any out.

All the best

The Team at Sweatshield Undershirts