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Sweaty Armpits and Tips For Dealing With It

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Sweaty Armpits

This embarrassing problem comes in varying degrees of severity and strikes at various times.
I would class the sweaty armpits problem into 4 categories.

Normal /Low –  Sweats very little apart from after heavy exertion or exercise. I have seen people walking around in the 33 Celsius heat of Singapore wearing a blue shirt and with no visible sweat marks whatsoever (and I mean white Caucasians not Asians who don’t sweat heavily

Normal – Experiences sweaty armpits when hot or after exercise or physical exertion. Can also experience the problem when under
stressful situations.

Heavy – A heavy sweater sweats more than normal and this generally manifests in sweaty armpits and sweat on the back and chest.

Hyperhidrosis  – I suffer from hyperhidrosis and for me this manifests itself in sweaty armpits but most predominantly the right underarm. I am noticing more and more that this is caused by psychological situations rather than ambient setting.

sweaty armpits

My Recent Experience and Trials – I wanted to write about this topic for two reasons. Firstly I have been on a diet recently and lost around 20 pounds using a slow carbohydrate diet (from the book The Four Hour Body, the diet part is good but the rest of the book goes off on a bizarre tangent in my opinion).

I already know that when I am exercising I sweat very little and many friends have commented on this (it is extremely hot and humid where I live) but yet I sweat massively from my right armpit during any other time. This is surely a strange phenomenon in and of itself!

But the strangest thing happened when I was on the slow carbohydrate diet…I noticed that my sweating diminished significantly. It was bizarre; I mean I really noticed that I was sweating a lot less. Now a lot less for me still puts me in the heavy category but really the change was very noticeable.

I am still trying to work out what foods I eat normally that I didn’t eat during the diet. If I figure it out exactly I would love to research it more and share the findings with you. Give me a bit more time on that!

The second reason is because I just came back from an interview today for a magazine doing an article on Sweatshield Undershirts. It was the first time I have ever done anything like that and for the first time in weeks the sweat levels from my right armpit went through the roof!! My undershirt stopped most of it but I was soaked through by the time the interview was over (luckily the undershirt absorbed 99% of it).

I have been noticing this for a very long time now; the relationship between mental state and sweating and consequently sweaty armpits. So it seems clear to me that changing your physcological outlook and changing your diet could definitely help with

Here are a couple of other things I tried recently.

Shave My Armpits – This did help to some extent but maybe only 2% to 3% difference.

Antiperspirants -  As I am sure you already know these do nothing for the heavy sweater.

SweatBlock – This is like a clinical strength deodorant wipe that comes in small sachets. I was verysceptical as to whether these would work for someone with sweaty armpits as bad as mine. I was correct; they had no impact for me whatsoever despite the rave reviews. For the normal sweater though I do believe they could make a difference in summer.

Based on the feedback I receive from customers I don’t think I will ever comment on the medically available options for sufferers of heavy sweating but this may be worth referencing at a later stage.

Well those are my main thoughts on sweating and sweaty armpits for this week. I hope to report in more detail the effects of the diet on my sweating as I am still quite dumbfounded by that.

Have a great week!

Tim Shaw