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Sweat Proof Underwear

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Hi Folks

I wanted to start off the weekly blogs with an article about sweat proof underwear and specifically I am mainly referring to undershirts and boxer shorts as these seem to cover the most commonly affected areas.

When considering options to help you control sweating and sweat marks there are a lot of different products and solutions available from clinical strength deodorants, underarm shields, sweat proof t-shirts and undershirts and Botox treatment right through to surgery.

One of the reasons that sweat proof underwear is so effective is because it covers ALL of your sweat prone areas. They can cover your back, chest stomach and underarms. Underarm deodorants and underarm shields only cover the underarm still leaving you exposed in other vital areas.

sweat proof underwear

It is important though to choose the right for your own needs. Sweat proof underwear needs to be something that you can feel great about wearing every day and therefore it needs to be extremely comfortable, light and breathable. Obviously whatever you choose it also needs to be effective and here are some of the key factors you need to look for when choosing your sweat proof underwear.

Lightweight fabric to ensure you stay cool

Body contouring for style and comfort

Extremely absorbent fabric to hold moisture

Additional reinforcement in sweat prone areas such as the underarm

Affordable enough to wear every day.

Does not allow wicking (which would transfer sweat marks from the inner garment to the outer garment).

I have personally tried every type and brand of sweat proof or sweat resistant underwear on the market and obviously we designed Sweatshield Undershirts to incorporate the best design features.

When choosing your underwear here are some of the pitfalls to be aware of:

Undershirts or t-shirts that come with a chemical treatment that claims to make the fabric sweat proof can irritate the nipples making them very sore within one or two hours of wearing.

Underwear that is too thick and bulky and sits badly under your clothing making you look untidy and detracting from your style.

Undershirts that have complicated washing procedures to follow to ensure performance.

Sweat t-shirts that have bulky underarm pads that are positioned incorrectly causing poor sweat absorption and feel “like nappies” under the arms

Undershirts that are just too plain bulky, hot and uncomfortable to wear every day.

Sweat proof boxer shorts for the bottom half of the body is not something I have tried and is something that is difficult to find but having said that we are now experimenting with a new range of sweat proof boxer shorts. Being that we sit on our rear ends all day and force high pressure contact between our skin, underwear and outer garment we specifically engineered our sweat proof boxer shorts to work effectively for the buttocks and thigh areas.

Next time out we want to talk about using sweat proof undershirts to effectively stop that horrible yellow underarm staining that can ruin clothes in a matter of weeks. The right undershirts can stop this from happening and we will discuss this in more depth next week.

Thanks for dropping by the blog and your comments or feedback are always welcome at timshaw@sweatshieldundershirt.com

Have a great week ahead.

Tim Shaw