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Sweat Pads. Do They Work for Excessive Sweating?

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Sweat pads can be a great interim solution for heavy or situational based sweating but may not cut it for people that sweat excessively. Let’s take a closer look at the situation.

Although only 3% of the population suffer from excessive sweating, the majority of people sweat more than they normally would when the heat of the summer arrives, or when the exercise or exert themselves or when they are in a stressful situation.

On warm days or after a workout at the gym and even after spraying on some antiperspirant and your shirt can still get sweaty stains at the armpits which can be embarrassing to say the least. For most people that are looking for a solution to sweating, simple solutions such as extra strength anti-perspirant may be enough. But what other options are out there for people who experience heavy sweating from time to time, but not to the extent of excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis?

sweat pads

What are sweat pads? These are absorbent liners that have been specially designed to fit the underarm area of your shirt. They consist of two flaps with a dividing section and they come with an adhesive backing that you peel off. You then take the sweat pad and stick it in the underarm area of your shirt with one flap covering the “body” side of your underarm area and the other covering the “arm” side of your armpit area. And hopefully as a whole this will cover the entire armpit and affected “sweat zone”. 

They are worn underneath your clothes and are designed to absorb all the sweat produced under the armpits before it reaches the outer clothing. Ideally they should be slim and practically invisible and in many ways they are designed and intended to perform the same purpose as panty liners (do not laugh when I tell you that my very first efforts at trying to block my sweat marks were to use women’s panty liners stuck to the insides of my shirt)!

Sweat pads are used as a means of preventing sweat marks but how effective are they really, especially in comparison to more robust solutions such as sweat proof underwear or sweat proof shirts?

Although sweat pads will prevent armpit sweat to a point, they only last for a certain length of time before becoming saturated at which point sweat marks break through to the outer clothing. For extreme excessive sweaters like me that length of time is about 15 minutes (and less if I am exercising or in a stressful situation). If you sweat excessively you will have to change them frequently because you will find that they fall off when becoming overly saturated.

And this leads to the issue of convenience, or rather inconvenience. Every time you want to use the sweat pads you will need to reapply them to your shirt or t-shirt. If you are a very heavy sweater then you would have to do this 3 or 4 times per day which is simply not convenient or even realistic on an ongoing basis.

Having said the above though it has to be recognized that sweat pads are a popular means of stopping sweat marks. Here is the thing: Sweat pads are awesome if you sweat “normally” and occasionally need something to absorb “normal” levels of perspiration after exercise or when the weather is warm. But if you suffer from excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis then stick on adhesive sweat pads are completely inadequate and you need something far more robust such as a sweat proof undershirt or sweat proof shirt.

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