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Excessive Sweating? You're Not Alone

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Do you think you sweat more than other people? Do you sweat heavily regardless of what you are doing and regardless of the temperature?

I am right now in a cool air conditioned room and as I sit down to write this article the sweat has started to pour from my right armpit almost uncontrollably. Just 5 minutes ago while I was sitting reading the newspaper my armpits were dry and I wasn’t sweating.

I suffer from excessive sweating but it didnt start until I was in my late twenties and I didn’t realise there was a condition called Hyperhidrosis until the internet came along!

So, why do people sweat? Perspiration is the body’s natural way of keeping cool. People are most prone to sweat during warm temperatures, exercise and in response to physically-excitable situations.

If you sweat more than others in everyday situations such as heavy exertion or when it is hot and humid then that is quite normal. Excessive sweating is in quite another leaugue and can cause considerable embarrassment as well as eroding confidence.

I like to keep perspective on my condition and realise that it is annoying but things could be a whole lot worse. In the big scheme of things suffering from excessive sweating is not such a big deal and we shouldn’t let it ruin our lives.

Most sufferes of hyperhidrosis have what is known as focal hyperhidrosis, meaning that you sweat excessively in one particular area only. For me it is my right armpit. For others it could be the chest, groin or buttocks and I would suggest that all sufferers sweat heavily on their backs. The most difficult focal hyperhidrosis is excessive sweating in the hands.

Whilst sweating in other body areas can be overcome by using sweat proof clothing or other remedies and can be tackled physcoligically by realising that the problem is annoying but not life changing, it must be recognized that sweating in the hands can, unfortunately, be a life changing hinderance. Of the customers I hear from who have had surgery to combat their hyperhidrosis it is most usually sufferers of excessive sweating in the palm of the hands.

Anxiety sweating is another form of excessive sweating but is different to hyperhidrosis although the 2 can co exist as they do in my case. I remember attending a job interview in Beijing in winter. It was minus 9 degree celcius outside and I arrived at the interview with sweat marks all the way through to my suit jacket (this was before I had my sweatshield undershirts, this would never of happened if I had them then). It was a panel interview and as the interview unfolded I was getting sweatier and wetter by the minute. One of the interviewers was looking at me with alarm and asked if I was ok. Of course that just made it worse!

If you do suffer from excessive sweating I would urge you to take as positive an outlook as possible on it. I travel frequently to a region which suffers from poverty. Whenever I visit the region I see people in far worse situations and with far worse afflictions than myself and it reminds me that in the big scheme of things suffering from hyperhidrosis, whilst a hinderance, is nothing compared to the suffering that some people are forced to endure on a daily basis with seemingly no way out. Seeing this is humbling and brings everything into perspective.

Using the right tools (such as sweat proof undershirts, clinical strength deodorant and medically recommended treatments) should be able to bring you close to a level of appearing unaffected. Please keep the problem in perspective and I hope you can avoid letting excessive sweating get you down.

However, not all cases of perspiration are necessarily linked to temperature and/or stress factors. A likely culprit of excess sweat may be attributed to a condition known as “hyperhidrosis”.

Excessive sweating is a hassle and in medical terms is known as Hyperhidrosis. In some situations it can be more than just a hassle and can indicate a medical illness, however more often than not it is harmless.

what is hyperhidrosis

So what the heck is hyperhidrosis?

In short, it’s a medical condition that prevents the body from properly regulating its sweat output. Hyperhidrosis is characterized by excessive and unpredictable bouts of sweating and/or perspiration, and causes the average sufferers to produce up to four times the average volume of sweat than normal.

Primary hyperhidrosis affects 2 - 3 percent of the population, yet less than 40 percent of patients with this condition seek medical advice. Excessive underarm sweat accounts for 50 percent of reported cases, along with the following sweat-prone areas: hands, feet, groin and face.

According to the International Hyperhidrosis Society, 33 percent of U.S. adults believe they produce too much underarm sweat, and only 5 percent of U.S. adults who experience excess perspiration has ever contacted a healthcare professional.

An additional 60 percent of U.S. adults are "very embarrassed" by visible underarm sweat stains (68 percent of women and 51 percent of men - apparently women are more self-conscious about sweat stains). 39 percent of men feel they have too much underarm sweat, versus 28 percent of women.

Females between the ages of 18-34 are particularly affected by underarm sweat. 77 percent of young U.S. women are embarrassed by excess underarm sweat, and 49 percent of U.S. women believe they have too much underarm sweat.

There are quite some social implications of hyperhidrosis. Based on diagnosed cases of hyperhidrosis in the U.S., an estimated 80 percent of surveyed adults feel limited and self-conscious when meeting new people; 55 percent of surveyed adults feel unattractive due to visible sweat marks, and 38 percent of surveyed adults feel depressed as a result of their condition.

If you’re battling hyperhidrosis, don’t break a sweat over your condition. Control your sweat with sweat-proof undergarments, available for both men and women at SweatShieldUndershirt.com.