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First things first and let’s get this straight: Men sweat and women perspire!Either way you look at it though excessive sweating can be just as an embarrassing issue for women as it is for men. Having said that though it is an issue that statistically is more likely to effect men than women and especially when it comes to [...]


Sweat pads can be a great interim solution for heavy or situational based sweating but may not cut it for people that sweat excessively. Let’s take a closer look at the situation.Although only 3% of the population suffer from excessive sweating, the majority of people sweat more than they normally would when the heat of the summer arrives, or when [...]


Last year we were proud to be featured in Men’s Health magazine in an article about how effective Sweatshield Undershirts are as a way to stop armpit stains in a piece called “how to prevent an armpit stain”. It was great to get this recognition from such a well-known magazine and it was an interesting topic [...]


Hi Folks I wanted to start off the weekly blogs with an article about sweat proof underwear and specifically I am mainly referring to undershirts and boxer shorts as these seem to cover the most commonly affected areas. When considering options to help you control sweating and sweat marks there are a lot of different products and [...]


Sweaty Armpits This embarrassing problem comes in varying degrees of severity and strikes at various times. I would class the sweaty armpits problem into 4 categories. Normal /Low –  Sweats very little apart from after heavy exertion or exercise. I have seen people walking around in the 33 Celsius heat of Singapore wearing a blue shirt and with no [...]


Do you think you sweat more than other people? Do you sweat heavily regardless of what you are doing and regardless of the temperature?I am right now in a cool air conditioned room and as I sit down to write this article the sweat has started to pour from my right armpit almost uncontrollably. Just 5 minutes ago while [...]


We had this cool little video made that I wanted to share. We will hope to post videos more regularly now to better explain what we do at Sweat Shield Undershirts and how we can help you to stop sweat marks and stay cool. I hope you enjoy the quirky little video! All the very best Tim Shaw