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Increasing Peoples Confidence

The Sweatshield Undershirt was designed as a practical and affordable solution for people that suffer from excessive sweating. Our company is blessed to provide a product that changes people’s lives and the flood of customer comments that we receive pay testimony to the profound impact that Sweatshield Undershirts have on the lives of our customers.


Our founder and CEO, Tim Shaw has intimate knowledge of the problem of excessive sweating as he suffers from Hyperhidrosis and it was his own struggle with this affliction that led to the creation of Sweatshield Undershirts. Regardless of temperature, psychological circumstances or physical exertion Tim sweats worse than anyone we know and no one needs a Sweatshield Undershirt more than him!

There is a reason why you feel more confident and look better in a Sweatshield Undershirt. Our undershirts have been designed to feel great and make you look good and we do this with innovative design, advanced fabrics and specialized manufacturing techniques.

What sets us apart from our competition is the fit and comfort of our undershirts and the integrity of the underarm shield. No other company can offer this combination of comfort, style and effectiveness at the same competitive price.

Sweatshield Undershirts have been developed and refined over 3 years to the point we have reached today where we have the perfect solution to everyday excessive sweating problems.

  • Form fitting undergarments that make your outerwear look great without feeling restrictive.
  • Lightweight micro modal stretch fabric for a luxurious, long lasting fit.
  • Undershirts that stay tucked in all day long.
  • Crew neck collars won’t sag. They lay flat and stay in place.
  • Integrated underarm sweat shield that is completely impenetrable
  • Tagless design for extra comfort.
  • Streamlined fit and smooth glide fabric ensure no bunching around the waist or arms.

Since Sweatshield Undershirts were founded in 2008 we have distributed undershirts to over 70 countries globally and to all states in the USA, Australia and Great Britain. We have over 10,000 satisfied customers who come back to purchase from us again and again.