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How to Stop Sweaty Underarm Odours in Clothing

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We have all experienced it. Not just armpit odour but a lingering armpit odour in a tee shirt or work out top that gets worse as the day goes on. Some people experience a smelly t-shirt or shirt armpit even after washing.

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Here is what one very helpful reader wrote to us recently about removing smelly underarm odours.

"I did some reading online a while ago and found people discussing how to stop lycra/non-cotton gym kit from getting this permanent smell. I found some advice, and have followed it with success. I thought you might be interested.

1) If the shirt armpits already smell, soak armpits in a Dettol Laundry Cleanser (available in supermarkets) solution for a day, before washing. I have done this twice, and my shirts have noticeably improved.

2) For day-to-day washing: Wash without fabric softener, and if possible with Bio washing powder/liquid if not allergic. Wash at 30 deg C, with a cap full of the Dettol Laundry Cleanser in the place of fabric softener.

The above has improved my shirts a lot, and kept them like this - although they are not like new, they are wearable once again and don't seem to be getting worse - if so I can soak them again.

I recently tried a Thompson Tee (was £11 on Amazon Warehouse deals with a cosmetic imperfection) and compared to these it was rubbish - baggy poor fit, uncomfy, and the underarm protection didn't work anywhere near as well - although it was thinner which was nice - but you can't have everything, I'd rather the protection Sweatshield undershirts give.

Thanks for improving my life!"

One other solution I would potentially add to this is to use DeoGeo. I have actually never tried this but from all online accounts it works very well and they have been around a long time as a company so the product must be doing something right. Although mainly intended to remove unsightly underarm crud caused by a combination of sweat and antiperspirant I could also imagine them working to stop underarm odours in shirts, t-shirts and undershirts.

Thank fully with Sweatshield Undershirts you should not come across this problem as the undershirts help to absorb and disperse the odours. One of the best things about wearing a sweat proof undershirt (or any undershirt if you are not an excessive sweater) is that it really protects your outer garments from sweat stains and really helps to improve the overall life of your garments.

Now if someone could come up with an ingenious way to stop the sweat and grime marks on my shirt collars then that would be a perfect solution all round!

The Team at Sweatshield Undershirt

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